Here I give an overview of my current projects in the field of theology.

Special issue Religions

Together with Prof. Dr. Ute Leimgruber, pastoral theologian from Regensburg, I am editing a special issue of the journal Religions which addresses violence and abuse of adults in the Catholic Church:

Goethe University’s Course in Feminist Theology

In the summer semester of 2021, I hold the traditional course on Feminist Theology of the departments 06 and 07 of Goethe University. Together with students of Protestant and Catholic theology, I explore stereotypical representations of gender in Christian texts. In the examination of selected stereotypes (the devoted mother, the powerful apostle) I would like not only to make the problematic aspects visible, but also to make clear that the Christian sources behind these stereotypes are invariably surprisingly complex and ambivalent.

Conference on POWER: Legitimation, Exercise, Abuse

This year again I had the privilege to prepare a conference on the topic of power.  Its title: "POWER: Legitimation, Exercise, Abuse. Theological Abuse Research in the Context of Research in the Social Sciences, Law and the Humanities". I am delighted that, in addition to a number of luminaries from Goethe University, a number of great guests from other universities also attended (including Marie Keenan and Hille Haker), in order to address questions that arise with regard to power and its misusability at the intersections of theology, social sciences, law, and other humanities.

Here is the Flyer of the Conference

Gender Sex and Power Research Group

I have been a Fellow with the Gender Sex and Power Project at the Cushwa Center at Notre Dame University since March 2020 (Link: The project works closely with My personal project as part of this research group revolves around abortions: Abortions play a role in several files about priests who abused girls. Abusers force their victims to have abortions to cover up abuse - or victims have abortions themselves because they know no other way out. These cases have remained largely unexplored and "under the radar" of public awareness. My goal is to launch one or more publications on this topic soon.