and what they mean to me.

Dangerous theologies. Theological approaches that legitimize abuses of power.


The proceedings of the conference "Machtkritik durch Theologie" (Criticism of Power through Theology) on June 4 and 5, 2020 at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main are the first anthology edited by me. In addition to the conference papers, it contains a number of other perspectives on the question of when theologies become dangerous. It contains biblical, systematic, canonical, philosophical, and historical perspectives.


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Only the truth saves. Abuse in the Catholic Church and the Ratzinger system.


The book that cost me by far the most, not only because it was written in the first covid wave of 2020, with the kindergarten closed for weeks and an almost unmanageable workload. In working on this book and grappling with the question of what role Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI played in the Church's handling of abuse, I have seen, chapter by chapter, that everything is much worse than I ever thought. Working on this has been anything but a pleasure. 


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What is an original?
A definition beyond genius-aesthetic stereotypes.


My dissertation. Submitted to the Philosophy Department of WWU Münster in 2018, defended in February 2019, and published in January 2020. The book I worked on by far the longest, that I enjoyed by far the most - and that I am most proud of out of all.


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Guilt and responsibility. A conversation about power and abuse in the church.


This book contains in full the conversation I had in February 2019 with Cardinal and Archbishop Christoph Schönborn of Vienna. Without preliminary talks, without third-party interventions, without moderation. 


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Spiritual Abuse in the Catholic Church.



This book grew out of a series of talks.

Since the summer of 2017, I have been repeatedly asked to give talks on "spiritual abuse." My basic thesis: from both an ethical and theological perspective, there is a spiritual right of self-determination: every person has a right to live his or her spiritual life (whether in the form of religious acts or in the form of meaning-making that is not religiously situated) free from coercion and manipulation. In the course of a short time, the book has become something of a standard work on spiritual abuse in the Catholic Church in the German-speaking world, something I am very pleased about.


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Spiritueller Missbrauch in der

No longer Me.

The true story of a young nun.



My first book. A memoir written to point out dangerous dynamics within the Catholic Church. Because there are so many stories like mine, stories of young idealistic people who experience spiritual abuse, exploitation, social isolation, control, and sexual assault in Catholic organizations, and who fall on deaf ears or inconsequential declarations of shock from church leaders.


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